Haaga Group

The Haaga Institute Foundation is a private foundation established by representatives from the hospitality sector. The objective of the foundation is to develop and create new know-how in the hotel, catering and hospitality industry. The foundation consists of different units which together form the Haaga Group.

The units of the Haaga Group comprise of Helsinki Culinary School Perho, Haaga-Perho education, research and development services, Hotel Haaga, Restaurant Haaga, Haaga Inn, Caffeli and Real Estate Company Kiinteistö Oy Haaga-Perhon Asunnot.

In the Haaga Group, we build towards the future in cooperation with our partners:

  • Our mission:
    We improve the know-how of the service sector
  • Our values:   
    Being customer oriented
    Leading the way towards the future
    Being fair
    Being responsible
  • Our vision:
    In 2020, the Haaga Group aims to be an integrated and respected social mediator in the service sector. The units thereof will be highly skilled experts that actively utilize domestic and foreign  partnerships and the latest technology.